What it is to be White.

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The achilles heel of the #whiterace is #christinsanity due to its trust in the #antiwhite #holodomor loving #jews for #jesus
To correct this corruption, Add in #jewfree community building based on #pagan economics advanced with #cryptography #permaculture #thulesociety #creativity #creativityalliance #creativitymovement tweak it with #eugenics Protect it with #nationalsocialism Celebrate it with #whiteculture making it tribal.

None of this can happen without (((asset))) confiscation and the #madagascarplan Without any of this #newgab will be a total and utter failure built on #controlledop and #zogrule Also remember #jewsrapekids #jewsdid911 both by using #mossad, so your vote doesn’t really matter when #itsthejews who are in charge. @whitemansbible
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Jew Religions

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7 Jan 2002 – 12 Dec 2003


(Judeo-Christianity,Bapists,Catholics and Protestants and other anti-white religious groups who practice suicidal teaching of making the world safe for kikes are the main group of people being discussed. The pro-white Christian extremist elite group are excluded as they’ve managed to interpret the bible to their people to be for only whites and that means no Jews.)

Pro-Jew Christianity is for the weak-minded. It is such a joke. With all the claims that the biblical people existed and what they done, there still is no proven facts or evidence of their existence. It was planned out that way along time ago by the Kike. To say that all these great people vanished into thin air and became spirits was brilliant thinking by the Kike. There is no way stupid people can question spirituality. Fools and sheeple alike have been lead down this suicidal path for centuries. This is why the Kike is so powerful and a threat to the white man’s existence. Christianity-turn the other cheek,love your enemies religion was created to get the white man to practice suicidal genocide on his own flesh and blood. Christians go on about heathens and pagans being evil people. In reality the Jew is the true evil one. The Jew is the one who created Christianity. Religion was created to weaken racial barriers and destroy the races so there would only be one Jew race. This is how the Jew survives but it is up to the white race to wake up and build back the racial barriers to where nature intended them to be.


The Jew preys on fools and sheeple. The Kike is a great propagandist. He uses his newspapers and electric Jew to turn people against each other, against the Jew’s enemies and promote his social decay. The Jew is a war monger because it makes him money. He’ll lump everyone together to be patriots and fight the Jew cause against his enemies. Then once his war is over ,he’ll go back to his usual money making scams and mongrelizing gentiles. It is sad to see people fall for the same tricks time and time again just because they get blindsided with Jew lies and ignore history. The Jew can only be stopped by cutting him off from the vast supply of gentile flesh and blood.

Fools come from associating with the Jew. Don’t be a sheepish fool, wake up and get the Jew out of your life. Accepting a Jew’s treachery is playing into the Kike’s hands. The Jew wants to lump everybody together just so he can weaken their moral thoughts and trick them into helping the Jew. The Jew enjoys such slave practices as integration, Christianity, taxation and money lending. The Jew is a professional bandit. Plus, Jew lawyers are always out to take advantage of people through corrupt laws and regulations. Then there are the Jew doctors who are always looking to profit off of bogus ZOG health care plans. Don’t dumb yourself down by accepting Jew concoctions and scams.

Sheeple are the one’s who fall into lockstep with the kike demands. The kike’s demands are one world nations under kikes for which they stand, integration of the masses which leads to mongrelization which leads to more sheeple for the kike to enslave.The sheeple are told to tune in to their electric Jew for more suicidal guidance from their Kike masters.

The sheeple of the world are so caught up in their Bible studies that they have no response or objection to the kike and his perversions. They’ll let the kike misguide their children and allow him to weaken natural morals so he can manipulate gentile offspring to participate in sick and twisted acts against nature. Sheeple can’t understand why their children’s health is deteriorating or why they can’t behave and act civilized. With this lack of perception they continue to let their offspring run around with niggers and muds. These same kids are targeted by the kike to be violated and brainwashed. Tolerance leads to a world full of dysgenic misfits who only respond to kike lies and perversions. De-programming and truthful education is the only way to get through to the sheeple of the world.

Then there’s the patridiotic sheeple that come out of hiding and support the kike controlled nation based on propaganda and has no regard for the truth. All these sheeple continue on generation after generation in support of their kike masters demands and wishes.


As he began to look more and more religious to the world he has cunningly gained support from the sheeple just as he did through his shady businesses practices of his past. His trickery has allowed him to come out of hiding more and more to unleash his perversions and crookedness on the world once again. No one questions him because he has added a “victim” status to his so-called “chosen one” state.

As the kike has wore out his welcome in his “allies’ turned enemies'” land he has had to go into hiding. No longer could he be immoral in society. He had to paint himself as a chosen one and become a religious figure.

The Jew has no god but insists everyone else that they should follow one or perish. So everyone follows their false prophets while Jews seek to enslave and destroy the God driven sheeple. The sheeple insist that their historical holy books are accurate even though there is no archeological evidence. To spark enthusiasm in the sheeple the Kike promotes there’s evidence but it’s a forbidden foreign land. So the Kike then encourages sheeple to turn against a country and go to war so they can unveil the so-called evidence. To do this the Kike has to create a disaster and blame the sheeple’s soon to be enemies. So everyone is killing each other in the name of God and the Kikes sit back unscathed and count their stock and profits obtained from their slaves or enemies. All Kike concocted religions should be exposed and dealt with accordingly.







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7 Jan 2002 – 5 Mar 2004

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Resist Jewry, don’t buy into the Jew lies. A Kike loves to trick anyone out of their belonging and money.(1) He wants to use the white man to design everything for him.(2) Then he will use the nigger to destroy it at the same time blaming the white man for oppressing the spook. (3)Then once the things the white man designs are made worthless the Kike will use the muds to build it back up with cheap labor .After the white man’s creations are totally bastardized ,the Kike will then claim them for his own and profit from it.


Resisting suicidal multi-culturalism is the first step in the right direction. Re-education of the past and awakening in the present will lead to a promising and healthy future of the white race. Fighting for your natural right to be white may cause you to have enemies but exposing the enemy is a must. Being a whistle blower and watching out for back-stabbers will only help the white race. Dealing with them accordingly instead of turning the other cheek will aid in saving whites generation after generation. Collaborating with the kike is racial treason. Worse yet mixing with niggers and muds is murder.(4) Research the history of the white race and learn from the mistakes of kike sympathizers and you’ll make strides to make each day whiter and brighter.


No compromise, white people must be proud of who they are. They shouldn’t be swallowed up by the anti-white society we live in. The filth of the world especially kikes have no business dictating how whites should live their lives. White must be allowed to enjoy their white racialness. Guilt is for sheeple and cowards. Integrity is for honorable whites. A white civilized society should be the ultimate goal for all whites. Mixing with filth of the world only leads to disaster and destruction of whites.(5)The people of the white race must do their part to preserve it. Eliminate suicidal anti-white teachings of the mongrel world. Promote eugenics and other tools to help the white race succeed in it’s struggle for a better life. Learn more about your enemies and who they really are. Vow to clean up your community to make it safer for whites. If every white lived their life to the white and brightest ,the struggle will become less and less.


No white person should have to suffer for a Jew. America was sold out by white traitors to their kike masters.(6) They’ve given niggers every opportunity to improve themselves with hand outs. These white traitors never have learned from what turned out to be Haiti and Zimbabwe. These Jew lovers selfishly put their self-interest before the best interest of white America. The Ancient Egyptians and Romans went along with the kike plan and look where it got them – extinct. Brave Americans wanted independence from Britain but now America seems to want to make the same mistakes as the British. America gets caught up in helping the British fight their wars. Why does America do it? The same reason the British go to wars. In both countries Jews have stolen the control of the people. (7)The Jews love to make money. They love to see if they can bankrupt countries for even more tyrannical control. (8)The Jews love wars especially when the get other people to fight for their greedy cause. (9)The kike will only fight if he can be the aggressor and is unconditionally supplied the weapons to fight by his allies. The ZOG has to be crushed worldwide. White people must not fight each other in the name of the kike. White people must fight the Jew until every Jew is flushed from the whitelands. Jews must be expelled and banned forever on the account that the white race never benefited from their presence.


Social gatherings of whites must only include whites. The kikes entertainment complexes must uninhabited by whites .All groups, organizations and businesses who pander to kikery must not be supported by whites. Whites must do everything possible to crowd out the kike. Whites must form their own communities and businesses to be networked together that can’t be subjected to kike regulations. All non-whites must be avoided and they must be discouraged to be around whites. Whites must only do business with whites. The White dream must replace the American dream and other kike traps. White schools must be formed without kike interference. The teaching of the truth must be a high standard for whites. Kike influence must be nonexistent so corruption won’t exist amongst whites. Whites must be relentless in uniting and be dedicated to having a life without kikes.




Speaking out about the Jew only reveals the truth and exposes Kike lies. Don’t be afraid of the kike and his attempt to silence you. You have a natural human right to speak your mind. If you see something you don’t like speak out about it. Don’t let the kike railroad you or others into some bazaar self-hatred scheme. A white person shouldn’t have to compromise with any lesser species like the mongrel. If a nigger gets in your way tell that spook to move. If a mud wants help tell him to go back to it’s mudlands. If a kike tells you you’re in the wrong for being yourself, tell him to mind his own business. Put an end to political correctness ,a Jew concoction.(10) Say what it is: A spade is a spade and a kike is a kike. Speak out against Jewry!


Stay true and don’t be a traitor. There is a lot of shameless mind raping going on that it is hard for someone not to get duped. All a person can do to avoid such travesties is not let Jewry poison your everyday life. Reject the Jew. The Jew is an accomplished betrayer.(11)If you march with the Kike you’ll end up dead as a Kike .Worse yet ,you’ll take the fall for him.


Survive the Jew -stay white and stay bright. Why defend a Kike? They could care a less about white people. They try to sell the white race on their suicidal plans to destroy each other. (12)There is nothing wrong with having all white friends and there’s nothing wrong with eugenics either. The Kike wants to dumb down the white race plus make the Nigger more than equal to the white man. While, the Kike himself wants to rule over all races where no one is equal to their kind. Jews want slaves(13). So why be a slave to Kikery? Do the white thing and be proud of being yourself. If you are condemned as being a racist. Then so be it. Compromising with the enemies only hurts the white race.


Taking on the Jew and his greed. Through the Jew invention Christianity, the Jew has taught the gullible to love your enemies but hate yourself He’s also used Christianity to profit from such greed driven holidays such as Christmas and Easter.(14) The Jew wants to destroy the world more than anyone in history. He wants to destroy it just so he can build it back up to promote his cause He thrives on the hatred of all other races. He will exploit or destroy his enemies depending what he has to do in order be rich and powerful.(15)


When you stand up to the Jew or even show pride in your whiteness, the kike will attack you with vulgarity or if he wants something from you really bad he’ll turn into a terrorist. He’ll litter your community with muds, cruds and niggers in attempt to weaken you (16).The kike guilt your community into a cesspool of filth if you don’t stand up to him. Then once you do stand up to him he’ll start throwing frivolous lawsuits in your face. The kike preys on fear of the masses and loves to create witch hunts.(17) Stand up to the kike and you’ll the world will see what a fraud he really is.




The Jews destroyed America. (18)


It didn’t take long .They started shortly after America became independent. America was intended to be a white empire free of Tyranny. Then the kike bribed his way to the top. Plus he hung his suicidal tool of Christianity on the founders. Once he got there he set out to seek and destroy the land and influenced more sheeple to become his slaves. The kike wants America and other Euro cultured countries to be turd world nations and Israel to be the central governing power of the world.(19) Our founding fathers should have took a good hard look at history and researched how the Egyptian and Roman Empires had failed. Then they would have had second thoughts about owning slaves which were sold to them by Jews and allowing the trust of a false God limit the creativity of it’s white citizens. Too bad for the original white settlers that the Jew had turned their homelands against them with insane laws and taxation.(20) If whites had looked out for the white race instead of self-interest throughout history, then tolerance of Jews and their filthy slaves would been regarded as a crime against all white people. The kike would be limited to his turd world nations he feeds upon and the white civilization would be progressing instead of deteriorating.


Thrust the nigger on white society and have your offspring become poisoned by the nigger presence. The nigger can only contribute to the destruction of communities when it is funded to steal everything from it .(21) The spic is put there to steal jobs from the local community only to take his loot back to spicville in the turd world. (22)Both are given all expenses paid freedom to destroy white communities, but only one actually works. To make matters worse for whites are ZOG racial quotas that allow whites to only be hired on a temporary basis. The nigger and spic are wined and dined so they’ll invite more of their filthy kind to rape and ravage the white communities. (23)The kike gets rich while former white communities lay in ruins of filthy niggers and muds. Only support the white establishments in your area and do what ever it takes to drive the kike,nigger,muds and cruds out so your area will have a whiter and brighter future.




To accept with open arms the filth of the world is all out suicide for whites. Whites need a constant lesson in how things used to be and why they have changed. Not just cowardly the excuse of,”Times are different now”. Well, of course they are different now mainly because of the stupid people who make these excuses have not cared enough to stop the corruption or were guilted into not speaking out against it. These people need to be re-educated over and over until they finally wake up and start thinking for themselves. Compromise was the key to the decline of their people. (24)As they were duped into letting the filth of the world come in which dumbed their lives down to that of born again idiot. Once dumbed down, it was then OK to be stupid or mentally challenged. They will never realize this on their own and must to be awakened and then de-programmed. They must be taught to ignore all the attacks about their ancestors being haters and resume to supporting their lost heritage.




Banish the Jews to their mud. If the Jews want a turd world nation then start shipping them out to the turd world nations. While, we are at it send all the filth they thrust upon us white people back with their scoundrel asses. I wonder what civilizations were like before the Kike corrupted them with Ghettos and other Jew hideouts? There’s only one way to find out .Get rid of the Jew and his lies. The people of the white race must be told the truth. No more Jew equals no more shitty world to live in. If the Kike had his way everyone would have to live in caves while he lived in luxurious castles. Send the Kikes to caves of Afghanistan or the igloos in the North and South poles! Cut him off from the rest of the world and the civilizations will be safe.


Celebrate the modern day expulsion of the Jew. If the Jews are exposed for their scoundrelism, eventually they will have to flee to their homeland wherever that should be. Don’t let the Jew worm wiggle off the hook. If his atrocities endanger your life and family in anyway, make sure he doesn’t do it again. Push the Jew from your communities so his enemies won’t endanger any of your people. Make the Jew responsible for his actions. There is no reason why the Jew should get away with murder and have innocent people die for his worthless beliefs. The Kike is the cancer on society. (25)There is not a Creator, that can justify his treason.


When the war against Jews is won. This will be a great day in white history. All it will take is for the brave Aryan people to stand up to the Jew. The Jews and the white traitors are war mongers. (26)They don’t care how many die. They just care what is best for Isn’treal .The Kike and his accomplices love to shove propaganda down the peoples’ throats. It’s easier to extort money from sheeple once they are duped and brainwashed. Once the plan is in place, they just lead the sheeple to the slaughter.


When the Jew is sent back to their homeland or to a secluded island and white people are free.


This will be one of the brighter days in white history.How will it happen? When the masses are awakened by unvieled atrocities of the kike.Once people are shown that the kike is a liar and its religions are proven to be only a fraud (27),the world will be better off. ZOGS will be banished along with all the trouble they cause.




To think that Jews are just some old religious people and are the chosen ones would be rather naive. They shouldn’t be let off the hook that easily..Only stupid, gullible people would only view the Jew this way. Jews use religion, money and inbreeding as their weapons. (28)They use their religions they create as a form of brainwashing. They’ve cheated so many out of their money especially gold. They then use that money to gain political control and start wars if they have to.


To go on through life believing anything your hear or read is insane. A white person must decide first if the information by the kike is factual or not. Whites must get information from the horse’s mouth or research documents that have not been doctored by the kike. Whites need to decide for themselves what is real and what is fantasy. A white person should not worry if the truth offends the kike. The ridiculous view of the kike being the chosen one or the persecuted must come to a end and the truth must be heard once and for all. The kike must be viewed for his atrocities throughout history and shall no longer get preferential treatment since he is a fraud.(29) The real history of the kike must be revealed and taught to the masses. No more kike lies!


Islam- Hate your enemies, the white race in general who is supplying the kike with his blood and strength to kill muslims. This religion was created to be an enemy of the kike and threat to the white race.So at a drop of a hat the white christian sheeple would come running to the kike’s rescue and fight off white-jew hating muslims.


The antidote for Kikery is being true to yourself and loyal to your white race. If you were guilty of being a racist, then so be it. Don’t let the Jew condemn you for speaking your mind. No one in their white mind should feel guilty for Jew atrocities. If doing what comes naturally is best for only white people, than so be it. The Jew can be driven away only if he is exposed for the fraud he is. Otherwise, he will continue to destroy everything he touches.


The struggle with the ZOG, as they try to use force to make you confess to anything. This is one of the Kike’s favorite things to do. Especially, since WW11 when he beat and liquored up Nazi war criminals to sign a false confession about the Holohoax. (30)In today’s world these technics are used by the ZOG law enforcement agencies. That is if they really have to. The Kike’s judicial system which governs by anti-white laws is where the struggle becomes a reality. Call a Kike a Kike or a Spade a Spade and get charged with a hate crime even when your family or any white is attacked or even murdered. The slime could get a lesser sentence or acquitted all because the Kike’s perversion of the law.(31) This is why the Jew must be exposed for the liar he is and banished once again from another land he deceitfully betrayed.


To survive and win the war against Jewry one must wake up and study the Kike’s thinking and strategies.



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White People, what has changed in the last 15 years?

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7 Jan 2002 – 5 Mar 2004
About this capture

White people can only benefit their race by staying pure. The more a white person can help out its own kind the better off it will be in the present and future. White Empires will prosper better without the parasites and leeches. It will become healthier, smarter and stronger. Without outside influence it will be able to become productive. There would be no need for death knells such as religion and entertainment. White education is better than any religion or entertainment . White Independence is a more intelligent goal than compromising with the enemies (parasites and leeches).Destroying the parasites and leeches would best achieve all the goals of the Aryan race.

White people duped by Jewry(1) are only hurting their own kind. White people have nothing to gain by going along with the suicidal teaching(2) of the Kike and his lackeys. White people must be awakened to save their race from further contamination. Whites must drive the kike back to the gutters of to whence it came. Then once the kike is there in his gutter it is important and crucial to the white race’s victory that he remains there. The kike’s problems he forced on the white race must be sent or driven back to their homelands. Kike wealth shall cease to exist as long as the world rejects his counterfeit paper money and slugs(3). The kike shall be the one to pay the world reparations. He must do this by giving back all the gold and silver along other valuables he stole or cheated the white race out of. If the kike refuses then the plague must be dealt with morally.

White people should not compromise with the Kike for he is too arrogant and doesn’t care how many have to suffer for his cause. The arrogant bastards need to be shown the door. They need to be stripped out of everything they stole and swindled out of people all over the world. The Kike needs to be put in his place, Where there’s a tragedy, there’s a Kike trying to capitalize from it. The teaching of ignorance by the Kike must be reversed and the sheeple must be deprogrammed. They need to be told the truth. The facts must be presented to them once and for all.White people should not rest until they are free of Jewry. Be proud, be bright and stand up for being white. White Pride until the end.

See that all whites are treated right since we are the master race(4). The white man shall be able to live his life free of mongrelization and the kike. No white should have to be forced to mingle with turd world trash and nigger beasts. The turd world and nigger beasts only hurt the white race by dumbing it down(5) in attempt to make it impure. Whites are more intellectual(6) than any filthy animal the kike tries to push on us. We shall resist the filth and demand to be left alone in peace and happiness. The Kike should take his suicidal cause elsewhere. He is doing no white man a favor by destroying the white race. Whites need to wake up and ostracize the Kike for ever .


Aryans must not contribute to their deaths by allowing kikes to get away with atrocities. The kike has always deserved his punishment throughout history(7). His corruption is his crime against the white race. The whites are the real victims because they have been corrupted by the kike presence. The Jew should be prosecuted for his false claims of persecution.(8)

Nobody of the Aryan race should show pity for the Jews and their false claims of persecution. Nobody Aryan should feel shame for being White. Don’t be a victim of Jew propaganda. Whites may have become extinct if it wasn’t for Hitler(9). Enemies of the white race have always had something to do with kikes(since the mud races have been enslaved by kikes)(10). Kikes should never be given a free ride. The kike is poison to the white race. If it wasn’t for the Jew influence(11) on whites the world would be a safer place to live in no matter where the white civilization is at. But as history has it, the kike has sold the whites on slave trading(12) which only leads to the destruction of mankind. It will continue to happen as long as people are misguided with false history in favor of the Kike.

As time goes on, the purest of whites will become the main target for kike rule.However,all it takes for the Kike to be conquered is for white people to wake up. The kike already has foes in the Islamic world or all Arabs in general. White people used to think rationally but now they see what the kike has to say before they do anything in life. White people would rather fight amongst themselves to preserve Kikery rather than unite and preserve the existence of their own race. If all the white people in the world united the kike would be begging for forgiveness while regretting what his people have done to the world. Once the kike is exposed for the fraud he is there will be no more compromising with this fiend. The white world will rid themselves of his presence for good. Remember once the kike is out our lives ,we won’t have to put up with niggers and the muds ever again. We will be able to ship them out and turn the infiltraters back to where they came from or be shipped out themselves. So, white people , be true to your race,be proud of your whiteness,unite then defy and exile the Kike!

If a white person has any concern at all about the survival of his people than they should not allow any non-white cultures or politics get in the way of their everyday life. White people shouldn’t be guilt driven into shams such as political correctness. They shouldn’t be afraid to exercise their right to free speech to expose the Jew’s pervsions.Segregation is the natural way of life.Races were not meant to conjugate with each other.Only the Jew has concocted the myth of integration (13)just so they would help destroy each other.White people should stay white.Therefore, we shouldn’t desire to be dumbed down.It would be in our best interest to be bright for our own survival.

It’s ancestorial suicide to compromise with the Jews.


Legions worldwide must be created to fight off the Jew. White people need to band together to save their race. The propagandist Jew only wants you to support his Isn’treal. He wants you to fight his Arab enemies for him. Anybody who doesn’t will be branded a racist and will be charged with a hate crime. The Jew should be held responsible for the enemies of America since his twisted policies and beliefs have made Americans the most hated people of the world next to the Jew. This coward has had Americans fight his battles for him in the past 80+ years. Does the Jew suffer? Not hardly. Why because he sitting back and watching everyone kill each other for his cause. Then there’s the whole Holohoax thing where he claims 6 million Jews were killed. If six million Jews were really killed then the world wouldn’t have the problems it faces today. This tyrant has killed more (white) people himself with slavery concentration camps in Russia(14). If you continue to hail the Jew and kiss the nigger’s ass, then you will be reduced to nothing more than a slave of the Kike. So if you march with the Kike, you’ll die like a Kike. (Except the Kike will undoubtedly betray you as you die and he’ll live like a parasite off another race).

Live your dream, be white and free. To be white and free you must shut out the kike, his lackeys and the filth that goes along with them. Stay away from Kike festivities. Buy only what you need and not what the kike wants you to buy. Don’t purchase kosher foods. Don’t participate in kike banana republic elections. Turn the electric Jew off plus stay out of kike movie houses and other entertainment centers. Join white only clubs as an alternative and/or spend more time with your family. Home teach your children .Keep them away from kike institutions. Resist kike loving churches and their activities. Force filth out of your community including kike supporting politicians. Show your dissatisfaction towards businesses who promote diversity by telling them you won’t be doing business with them unless they start showing positive support of your people. Promote whiteness in your community. Become a whistle blower on kike crimes. Your family will be much happier and safer with a white outlook on life.Look towards the future, prepare a life without a Jew.Make the world a better place.Keep the Jew out of your family and life.

Many white civilizations have expelled the kike for his atrocities(15). Nowadays however, the Jew has leeched on to the most powerful governments ,no thanks to the gullible English and insane American politics. The kike is loading up against the white race with the turd world filth invasion(16). America has become less and less free for the white man and a lot less safer too due to the trash to accompany the niggers in destroying America and the white race along with it.The kike is killing the white man off financially by promoting diversity in the work place and sending whites to the unemployment line. So, the Kike moves in all the filth and threatens businesses to hire these unqualified garbage. At the same time these businesses look at it short-sighted because they save money with the cheap labor filth. Little do these sell-outs know that the kike has plans to run their business into the ground with labor demands down the road. Once the Kike has weakened them he seeks to buy them out or at least gain control of their business so he can further his slave labor movement. Whites need to stick to white owned businesses and only deal with whites instead of giving in to the Kike. The more and more white people avoid dealing with the Kike the more drastic he becomes. He’ll stoop to any level and be exposed more and more for the bandit he is. Stay true to your race and the kike will be forced to leave since he has no firepower usually provided by gullible whites.


Morals must be pursued if the kike decides to reject the white mans demands or ultimatum.

More mongrelization, more anti-white and white slavery policies are sure to happen just as long as white people continue to selfishly ignore what’s going on around them. White communities with white businesses must be formed .Whites must crowd out their enemies and drive them to the point of no return. White people need not to have to accept degenerate filth running the white world into the ground. White people must be able to prosper freely and without interference from the kike and the filth that clings to the kike. So to correct what has happened to your fellow whites you must make sure it never happens again by making the world a whiter brighter place to live.

If tactics to save the white race against kike kangaroo court are nullified then the morals of the great white race will take over and the expulsion of the kike will be reenacted.


It’s amazing how loyal whites are always being attacked by other whites for their racial loyalty. These attackers have been brainwashed for generations and finally duped into mongrelization. There has been some loyal or at least moral resistance but the ZOG has always stepped in to force whites to kiss nigger ass or face jail or even death. They used this intimidation on whites and took it a step further by hi-jacking the TV networks and the radio air waves(17). So they then spread their anti-white propaganda and enslave the masses.

The brave people of the white race are the true heroes no matter how much the kike tries to discredit our great leaders. There is no reason why whites shouldn’t stand up for themselves. Whites must serve and protect the white race. Honorable whites are those who do things to benefit the white race. Whites must not be caught up in the political games of kikes to benefit everyone but whites. Whites must unite in numbers to break the tyranny stronghold of the kike .The kike must be defeated. His political systems must be defunct. His business practices must be regarded as atrocities against the white race.The kike must be held accountable for his atrocities (18)once and for all.

The white man can help his race by first exposing the Kike lies. Then the war will become easier to win. A white person should run with their own kind. Kikes should be ousted from their public offices and forced to sell their share of businesses they control. Anyone who does dealings with the Jew should be tried and hanged as a traitor. All Kike and white traitorous’ banks and their accounts should forfeited due to their involvement with the corruption of white people. All the gold shall be rewarded to white people for their struggle to achieve a better life. All paper money(A.K.A. counterfeit currency) must be destroyed and have no worldly value. ZOGS must be shut down and white people shall declare independence from the filth of the world. All filth including the Kike will not be allowed on white land. Therefore trespassers should be shot if they refuse to leave. Once white people are completely free of the Kike and his lackeys, let him destroy ones’ own self by fighting his own wars without the aid of white traitors.

The white man’s goals should be the opposite of the kikes.Which would be a whiter and brighter world.All white people looking out for their white brothers and sisiters,disallowing kike influence and corruption,practicing eugenics,keeping niggers and other kike influenced filth of the world out of harm’s way by sending them back to their jungles where they came from.White people need to have the freedom to create and the power to fend off any mind sucking parasites.White people need to free themselves of kike suicidal religions because race is the only true religion of white people.The white race should be responsible both racially and finacially.In order for this to happen they’re shall be no multi-culturslistic or compulsive diseases constructed by temptation supplied by the kike.

The white race must defend their own people and be represented by the own people. A white person should never put his life and trust in the hands of a kike or any of his degenerate filth of the world that the kike has created in order to destroy the white race. Whites must not react to kike inspired emotion. They should think rationally like whites not like slavish animals of the kike. White people must unite once and for all. They should quit buying into the kike’s version of civilization . The kike’s version of civilization is of sheeple who are forever in debt to the kike and must help the enemies of the white race become stronger . Whites must withdraw from all kike activities and form a unity of their own people. A white person’s allegiance is not to a religion, government or country unless of course it for whites by whites. A white person must do what’s best for his race and nothing else. Common sense must take over political correct Kikeness.

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White people can only benefit their race by staying pure. The more a white person can help out its own kind the better off it will be in the present and future. White Empires will prosper better without the parasites and leeches. It will become healthier, smarter and stronger. Without outside influence it will be able to become productive. There would be no need for death knells such as religion and entertainment. White education is better than any religion or entertainment . White Independence is a more intelligent goal than compromising with the enemies (parasites and leeches).Destroying the parasites and leeches would best achieve all the goals of the Aryan race.

Enemies of the White race

Enemies of the White Race

The enemy needs to be exposed no matter who they are


The enemy needs to be exposed no matter who they are. The Kike and his lies must be driven out of the minds of white people. The muds and cruds, spooks and spics need to be exposed for the filthy animals and leeches that they are.The other breeds and half-breeds need to go with the rest since they were created by the Kike to destroy the Christians first then racially, the Aryans. All of the white man’s enemies need to be sterilized just in case a Kike slips through the crack. The Kike should get the same punishment if not more, which he has corrupted on the white man.



The kike throughout history has created an enemy by using propaganda.(1)The more public support it can get with its propaganda ,the more money it can make by selling its propaganda to the public. As the kike forces more enemies on his sheepish allies ,it also recruits more and more muds to serve him. The kike makes promises of a better life to these muds and either gives them nothing or gives them things he steals from his allies. Once the muds see that their not going to get the better life they were promised ,the kike tries to make it up to them by blaming his allies Now his allies have even more enemies to deal with,no thanks to the Jewry.The kike washes his hands as the blame is put on his allies.The kike paints himself as the innocent and his allies as the villians.(2)While the kike is busy giving to the muds courtesy of his theivery of his allies,he is also robbing and hording more gold and selling the world on worthless paper notes. If a kike is distributing propaganda about so-called enemies then more than likely he’s really covering up the destruction of his allies.

The kike has bamboozled the masses with his guilt . He creates profit making businesses for himself such as slavery. Then when it doesn’t work out he blames the white man. He turns the masses on to accepting the new way of life and condemns anyone who doesn’t go along with what he says. White people are constantly being tricked to take care of the filth of the world to a point where the sheeple accept it as the normal thing to do. They don’t care about the consequences because the kike has brainwashed them into loving their enemies. White people need to stand up for white people or have their race perish by the suicidal guidance of the kike. The white race needs to proud of being for whites by whites. Anything else is unacceptable .

The kike lies have made the white man the reason for failure of the nigger race.(3) Before the white man came along ,the nigger didn’t have nothing but animal instincts. He still doesn’t however, but with the cunning of the kike, the white man has allowed the nigger ape race to operate and dysfunction amongst civilized people who turn the other cheek and embrace these beast. Why? Because, the kike has corrupted the white man’s train of thought, making those in high office to become traitors and those he serves as sheeple. The niggers need to be shipped back to the jungles and kike needs to sent to an excluded island away from white civilization.

The Kike long ago instilled fear amongst the soon to be sheeple by giving them a disease called religion.(4) No matter what race there is the Kike has attempted to enslave it with Christ-insanity, Islam/Muslim and other sheeple religions.

The kikes claim to fame has been the propaganda of tolerance. (5)The kike insist on brainwashing the world and claiming it’s sheeple. The kike wants everyone to hate whites who pride themselves on being white. The kike preaches guilt to the sheeple in order to lead them to the racial slaughter. The kike is the one who seeks power in every nation in order to destroy it’s racial stock and stir up hatred for the white race. The white race only went along with the kikes plan. The white race was further been tricked into tolerance with the invention of Christ-insanity during the Roman Empire era.(6) What happened to the Romans? The were finally divided and conquered by the Germanic Empire and then the Greeks as their once great racial stock mudded away. The kike tricked the white race into tolerating slaves just as he did in Ancient Egypt and in modern times in Europe and now America. The Ancients Egyptians also were defeated since near the end, the niggers and muds gained control of the land as it weakened under tolerance. Haiti formerly San Domingo was once a rich and fertile land. Under the influence of kikes the mass amounts of nigger slaves savagely revolted against the whites gaining more and more rule of the land. Later the whites turned into mulattos and eventually there was no one who wanted to work as Haiti had turned into an uneducated turd world. Is America next? Or will the kike remain the ruler of more and more slaves as they are sold a bill of goods on freedom? The kike needs tolerance. The kike craves power and money. The kike will usurp the world until he has 2800 slaves for every kike.(8)

A kike is notorious for being sneaky. He will make people believe that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. He does this by the use of politics and media. He’ll con everyone into believing how good something is for a community so he can build it up for his future money making schemes and scams. He uses his press coverage to further his propaganda too. (9)The Jew will not be apart of anything unless he can pervert it to where it is profitable for him. Once the money is rolling in he will use his the politicians as well as religious outlets to bring any slime into a community just so his parasitic nature can breed off of the slime to infest and infect the community with his manipulative lies .The kike could care a less about how much damage he does with his greed. It’s his nature.

The Jew and his crimes have dominated the world for centuries.(10) He has betrayed rich empires and nations by creating wars which destroyed civilizations. He’s stolen their gold with the aid of trickery. (11)Leaving the civilizations poverty stricken turd world cesspools. In stealing from the world he has given the betrayed nothing but useless currency that bankrupts establishments. His counterfeiting ring floods the market with paper money that the governments can’t back up. So, the countries end up having to borrow from the Kike and he asks to be repayed in gold. So the Kike has the power over these duped governments to promote his lies with propaganda. The Kike controls the press too and corrupts public opinion. He plagiarizes historical facts to aid his propaganda. (12)He then embellishes the corrupted facts to give him the upper hand over his enemies.

Der Jude Als weltparasit

The Jew is a parasitic tribe that has lived off humans for 5000 years .(13) In his existence he has learned he doesn’t have to be a warrior. That only threatens his existence. He’d rather leech on to the bodies of establishments and spread his disease that has lasted through the centuries. The Jew is a master at slavery due to being a slave himself. He can control the world by getting others to do his dirty work for him. He’ll finance governments only to turn on them later on so he be sure to con them out of something for his own gain. Creating wars is his specialty as he is deceitful and treacherous.(14)

The Jew more times than not is in both his allies’ territory and has lackeys in his enemies’ territory.This is so that his lackies can stir up hatred for his allies and he can cause chaos himself and blame it on his enemies. The kike makes money by embezzling funds raised for the victims and draws support to fight his enemies. His lackeys pay off the enemies for doing so-called good deeds but are really funding them. Where does the money come from,his allies of course. So the citizens in allied countries are being treated to higher taxes,less valuables and money plus they have to risk their own flesh and blood in fighting the kike’s wars for him.(15)After his allies triumph ,the kike sets up shop in his enemies former land and works on enslaving the masses left behind in the aftermath of war.

The kike has bribed so many treacherous politicians that the kike is able to steal your money legally.(16) That’s not enough for the greedy kike. The kike will also market all his addictive products so you’ll lose control and turn to a life of crime that these addictions lead to. Once he has done that he’ll lay a guilt trip on you and offer one of his suicidal religions as a alternative.(Christ-insanity whites, muds, niggers)(Islamic-niggers and cruds)(Hebrew-white traitors)If the kike steers you toward Christ-insanity he’ll have you protect the murderers of future generations of your white race.(17) With the Islam religion ,the kike turns all the niggers and cruds into more aggressive militant murderers of the white race. The Hebrew religion the kike’s pride and joy converts whites into senseless perverts and allows kikes to hide behind a false religion that is immoral. So as the kike converts you ,you’re brainwashed into believing that you only answer to God and what you do or say and the actions that you take are meaningless. Have pride, not guilt ,condemn the kike and have him expelled.

The kike is always eager to give others strict guidelines on how to live. Kikes on the other hand want to practice immorality as they did in Babylon. The Jews want attention and will do what comes natural to them in order to get it. They lie. Kikes want your money even if they have to embezzle it from a sham charity they set up. The kike could give a damn about what he preaches. He only care about what he does and what he gets out of it. It is morally wrong to trust a kike.Kikes are the same slime no matter how nice they pretend to be. The kike mannerisms are what got them expelled so many times in their history. The Jew is not innocent as he claims. Atrocities are more likely to be by him not against him. It’s in the kike’s religion to be “atrocitidal” and it is a natural trait of their race.(18) Whites should live for whites not to please the kike.

The only people that have suffered are those who were manipulated by the Jews. The kike has practically learned from the accomplishments of the white race and has exploited the white’ mans mistakes. The white man’s mistakes were and have been mostly due to the advice of the deliberate kike. The Jew planned basically every white on white war and has had white enemies attack white civilizations to prolong wars. For all practical purposes, what punishment the kike has been given throughout the history of his atrocities, he’s deserved . He had it coming. Now, what the kike is doing against the white race shall garner more or even worse punishment than before. Since the kike has become less of a warrior and more of a manipulator, the white race should show no mercy for the kike. He is a bigger threat than before mainly since he’s never been stopped. He’s been able to flourish and destroy civilization after civilization by mongrelizing it and giving it a religion that helps the kike out win, lose or draw. (19)The kike is no victim. Whites owe him nothing.


A Jew has no loyalty to any nations except for a Jewish nation. (20)A Jew is very cunning. A Jew learned a long time ago that fighting battles only hurts his people. So with his cunning he has his enemies do all the fighting for him.A Jew wants his hands in everything just so can he spew his corruptive ways in order to destroy his enemies.

Jews are sneaky and cunning at the same time. They use people to get what they want. They cry that they are the persecuted when they are really accomplices. They get away with murder. Their betraying behavior makes enemies and destroys their allies. A Kike loves to stir up trouble especially if he can get something out of it. There’s not a positive thing that can be said about a Jew. (Unless you are gullible and fall for his traps.) Jews teach self-hate to the gullable.They also teach the gullable to love mongrels even though they act like the animals that they are.

The kike promotes things to force everyone to get along. When it comes to the Kike however, he demands that he is better than everyone else and does his own thing. The Kike should be forced to live in poverty with the Spics, Niggers, muds and cruds in their own turd world countries. The turds will see how worthless he is too. He will be driven out of there also or possibly killed since those countries aren’t all that civilized. The Kike knows this that’s why it is so important for him to bring the filth into civilizations just so they people will be destroyed and the Kike crowned Tyrant of the land. The kike is a threat and must taken care of either by peaceful terms or whatever way is best for the white race.

The Jew is at work trying to be entertaining and failing miserably. Jews will try anything, if they can’t plagiarize it to call their own ,they will rewrite the written.(21) The Kike loves to use propaganda whether it’s in the news or in it’s movies or TV programs. The Kike’s biggest propaganda tool for war mongering and genocide of his enemies is Hollywood. This is where the Kike sinks to his lowest. He can lie all he wants over and over again until people are finally duped into believing the garbage. Only subhumans and other non-whites are stupid enough to believe the falsity that goes on in these studios and newsrooms. White people should know better and think for themselves. Nobody in their white right mind wants to be a sheep and let Jews completely take over.The only way to prove the Kike wrong is with research and historical evidence.(22) This is a practice the Jews attack because it’s not politically correct to remind the world of the truth. Instead the Kike blinds the gullible sheeple with disgusting dumbed down ways to live just so everyone would get along.

Kikes are in it for their own benefit no matter what it is. They could care a less if people are endangered by criminals and other low lifes. As long as they can gain control over the masses it is OK for people to suffer. They want a safer world for their fellow kikes ,so everyone else must make sacrifices. (23)No white should have to die for the safety and survival of a Kike. That is just insane. The white man should only be concerned about what is best for his own kind and what’s not is the ultimate sin. Let the Jew do his own suffering for a change. That is, if he wasn’t such a hoax. The Jew is the instigator of the world. (24)He will glorify his false suffering to entrap the gullible. White people Awake! No more sacrificing yourself for the Kike’s best interest. Let his hoaxes turn into nothing more than entertainment. The Kike is good at that anyway.

The kike’s new kick is trying to scare everyone about the Global warming myth.The myth is that it is created by the pollution from cars when in reality it comes from methanol released from the sea due to acts of nature.(25)The Jew loves to trot out his so called experts to warn the world of dangers so the capitalistic kike machine goes into high gear to create consumers out of sheeple.The kike may even resort to public opionion to turn his fabrication into truth. These public opionion polls are usually a 1,000 alleged sheeple out of 100,000,000 or more people.Gee, that’s accurate.Isn’t it? The kike loves to problemize the world with nonsense in an attempt to be rich and/or famous.The kike is a wonderful piece of deception and disinformation. The kike needs to be muzzled like foaming dog he his.Why not silence a kike.When was the last time you heard about a dedicated kiker tell the truth?

The Jews welcome white people to read the bible, so they’ll suicidally love and pray for their assailants . The kike uses the Christ-insanity against the sheeple.(26) They are made to believe it was their fault because they didn’t love enough. So, the enemies of the white race are free to do whatever they want under kike tools of Christ-insanity. They also teach the gullible to love mongrels even though they act like the animals that they are. The kike exploits this to further help the white race kill itself off. Once you become devoted to suicidal religions ,the battle for the kike has been already won and the victory of war against the white race will become easier to achieve. As always the kike needs to be exposed for the scoundrel he is and gullible Christians must be awakened.

The Jews want the filth of the world to take part in the teaching of the Koran to make sure whites are targets. This way suicidal whites can fight Kike wars for them. Those who don’t agree with either religious teaching will be encouraged to convert to Jewry. If they still don’t do that then they can be targeted on three fronts and demonized by the kike. This will backfire on the Kike due to more and more resistance by the white race. Let the Muslims and Christians destroy each other. They are only helping the Kike anyway. Those who resist the Kike and his religious traps will prevail. The reality of the truth will discredit all the fairy tales concocted by the Kike. The more and more white people wake up, the more and more the Kike will be weakened. Left to defend himself ,the Kike will suffer. Their corrupting of the world will end. Tactics designed to help whites are best since the white man’s moral stance in this day and age has been made illegal.

Make the world a better place. Keep the Jew out of your family and life. This is quite a challenge since the average person is surrounded by Jewry. There are Kikes on the boob tube, in the newspaper ,owning big business and in your government.(27)Entertain yourself in different ways. Turn off the TV and don’t bother going to the movies. The local newspapers and definitely the national papers are filled with Kikism. Don’t bother reading them. If you can avoid buying products from Kike owned businesses. Don’t bother voting in elections. More than likely they’re only going to do what a Kike tells them to do anyway. Spend more time with your family. Go to white organized events.

Nothing is what you really get out of Jewry. Kikes only want the white race to exist to contribute to their melting pot in their attempt to rule the world. White people who take care of themselves and don’t demoralize their race by running around with the Jew nigger crowd have a better chance of survival than any white traitoring sheeple. The sheeple cowardly submit themselves to be Niggerized and Jewthanasia .Once the sheeple have committed this crime against the white race, they either die off or are slaughtered by the Jew-Niggers. Victory will come to those who accept whitehood and resist the temptation of kikery.

A Kike wouldn’t be noticed if he could tell the truth. He would have nothing to say. If he sees something that he knows he can spew about, he’ll exploit the situation by creating a villain and a victim. The villain is usually a white and the victim is usually a nigger. If the kike wants more support for his people, the villain then would be an Arab and the victim would be of course of kike descent. Then, once he gets the attention of sheeple he’ll try to build the propaganda or allegations up as much as he can. He’ll throw in some commentary of fellow kikes plus he’ll be promoting his propaganda to the sheeple. This way he can forever have the public sheeples’ attention and sheeple support for his fellow kikes.

The Jew sits there and foolishly predicts what’s going to happen if things aren’t done to appease them and their muds wants or demands. The Kike tries to instill fear into whites so they’ll do as the Kike says not as the Kike does. Jews will try to turn whites into sheeple by filling their heads up with garbage about loving their enemies while at the same time he’ll get those same whites to sacrifice themselves in killing the Kike’s many enemies. If whites don’t do as the Kike says they will be punished with anti-white legislation and laws. The Kike would want more than anything ,networks of turd world nations to rule over. The Kike should be regarded as a tyrant and the white traitors should be punished for the crimes against their own race. The tyrant must be exposed and dethroned accordingly.

The Kike goes on the electric Jew and reads off the latest ZOG press release to the sheeple. The sheeple are told to act accordingly or else. Then hear all the sob stories about so-called victims of the Kike Domain. They use their propaganda too in order gain support to their killing of their enemies and their own slaves, the sheeple themselves. Kikes have no integrity if they are caught in the act they try to silence their opposition. To seal the sheeple’s fate the Kike masters order everyone to their local churches to get forgiveness for hating enemies so they can assure themselves a special place in forever allegiance to the Kike and his many religions. As long as there are uneducated masses of asses the Kike will rule supreme. These sheeple must be confronted and awakened!

The Jew lives in many parts of the world where he sets up his ZOG shop.(28) The Jew would love more than anything for an opposing nation to get caught up in a war with him. This is where the Kike uses his trickery and propaganda to get people to fall for traps. Overnight sheeple are ready to sacrifice themselves in their patridiotic glory to serve the Kike. So going to war against the Kike isn’t the answer. The best thing to do is to expose his lies and show the world that is he who is the real coward. All Kike laws must be abolished and the Kike himself must be shown no mercy. He must be held responsible for his lies and expelled from the land .If he returns to the land in which he was expelled then he shall be regarded as a terrorist and dealt with accordingly. His return will be his crime and will sentenced to hang along side any traitors who support him.

The kike loves to trick whites to interact with niggers, muds and cruds. Once the filth of the world are in the presence of white people the kike will stir up controversy mainly to have whites turn on each other by creating myths of nigger, mud and crud accomplishments.(29) Then the white traitors criminalize other whites who are happy with being white with anti-white laws and propaganda. So those who want a better life for their white race are condemned as haters. So the sheeple play into the hands of the kike and help enemies of the white man succeed. Tolerance + multi-culturalism = mongrelization of whites which means death of sheeple. Resistance will be a key to the white success in the struggle for a whiter and brighter world.

The kike masters encourage their sheeple to believe in Spooks in the sky ,democracy and diversity. They especially want to do this when their fellow kikes are out instigating their enemies to attack the white race. They want to make it OK for enemies to attack the sheeple as the sheeple pray for their enemies because they are taught that their spooks in the sky forgives haters and gives salvation to forgivers. As the kike promotes this falsehood he also wants the white race to fall for the democracy trap and welcome diversity. This way the process all over again and is never ending. This will continue to all whites are wiped from the face of the earth and the kike his slave trade fully operational. The kike only promotes this but doesn’t participate in it. The kike ,himself is out committing crimes (murdering and raping) against non-Jews in his own “terroritory” and surrounding areas. Jews only want what’s best for Jews. They bribe or threaten the other ZOGs to unconditionally protect and to show allegiance to their Isn’treal occupied homeland.

The Kike tries and tries everyday to force people to love him. Yet there are white people who naturally seem to come to their senses. The kike is tricky using his erection of SINagogues and Holohoax museums. White people will naturally oppose these monstrosities but white traitors and sheeple will be ordered by the kike to villianize these white people as anti-Semites .(30)This is done in order to silence the kike opposition and help his cause survive the backlash. The kike has to do this in order to force the filth of the world on white communities by using turd-world slave labor. The kike tries to get sympathy from the masses and if that don’t work he’ll free his slaves to attack the white race. The kike is a natural enemy of the white man so compromise is not the answer

The kikes get the sheeple to pray for their enemies and the safety of kikes.They brainwash the sheeple so they’ll lay down with their enemies.They teach the sheeple to love even the kike enemies but will teach the enemies to hate the sheeple.Then when the time comes the kike will show the sheeple that they need to sacrifice themselves for the kike.So the sheeple go off and fight the kike’s enemy for him.The kike will then sneak more of his muds and cruds amongst the sheeple at home to either crowd them out or interact with the filth to create a race-mixing genocide.The Christian sheeple will suicidally embrace the filth so they will look good for the kike and encorage more sheeple to join them.The sheeple will even feed, house and employ the filth without a care to what they are doing to themselves and hurting their own kind.(31)

Kikes love white homosexuals.(32) They exploit in hoping to create more faggots. The more white fags they create the less likely white males are to reproduce. Then the kike can try to piss on the rest of the white males by encouraging them to take a urine colored bride. He will also try to get white women to be niggerized so they’ll mongrelize more often then not. The more the kike propagandizes against the white race the better his odds get in having more slaves. The kike will also entrap white women just so he can entertain fellow kikes by pimping the women out. White men and women need to be loyal. They need to realize what the future of their race will become if they’re not loyal to each other.

Kikes loves to rewrite history with their phony movies and uses television to promote disgusting acts against nature such as race mixing, homosexuality and countless other atrocities. (33)They’ve turned murderers into Heroes with his films. They made people believe that Dracula was a romantic. They made the naive believe that white people brought Niggers to America when it was the Jew himself. They use their films to promote such money making scams such as Christmas, the stock market and gambling. Only the Jew profits from these things. He uses films to falsify the wars he creates along with other historical events. He even got the weak-minded people believe that the Jews are the “Chosen Ones” with his religious films. He’s recently made people believe that the first Egyptian Pharaohs were niggers. Nevermind telling you how he mongrelized that country and stole their gold .Then eventually put nigger kings into power ,watching the raped and looted realm become a third world country.

Kikes use fantasy in their films as a marketing tool to get people to believe in superstitions. The superstitions branch off into holidays and the Jew uses the holidays to sucker people into buying things are useless and are eventually worthless due to the mass production of the junk. People year after year “gear up” for the holidays and waste their money without a care in the world. Once the kike gets everyone entranced he spreads his propaganda to promote how great it is to have kikes in your presence and how they’ll serve to protect you (which is extremely false).The kike also promotes the fallacy of religions. How Christians should love everything unconditionally including Kikes and if they do they’ll be promised a place in heaven. They also teach the Christians to love their enemies’ religions such as the Islamic religion even though Muslims are committed to killing them off in a holy war. These slaves must be freed from the rule of the kike by having the mind opened up to be aware of Jewish treason. The slaves need to be questioned for their mindless reasoning with their kike master. They need a real history lesson, one with facts and proof, not Jewish embellishments and superstitious fantasies.

The Jew claims to be a victim and at the same time pretending to embrace Christianity.(34)

The Jew creates suspicion to cause conflict. Wars , frivolous lawsuits, riots and other terroristic acts are nurtured by the Kike’s spin control . (35)Mix this with ZOG regulations and deliberate negligence then you get mass hysteria from those who are eager to fall in step with the Kike’s marching orders. After that the Kike immediately jumps to the opposition of the hysteria he created in order to appear to be a harmless neutral onlooker. Also he will put on a front of being a victim if he is ever questioned about what he knows. Jews are always up to their old tricks no matter what they want you to think about them. Trusting a Jew is like being an accomplice to your own downfall.

The Jew uses the Niggeress and Jewess to encourage interracial mongrelizism to better his odds. (36)The Jew is slime and has no standards.Perversion is appealing to a Jew. He enjoys filthing up the world with his disgusting behavior. The Kike uses films for promoting his filth. Pornography using children,Jewesses, Niggresses and animals is one of his most disgusting perversions. He will pervert anything he can get his hands on and he if profits from it ,that’s even better for the scoundrel.

The Jew will take what’s not his and bastardize it till it smells, looks and tastes like feces. (37)This is where the Kike’s greed comes in. He will use his money to influence new laws and his legislation to misinterpret old laws. Then he will use his money to gain control of big business. After that he will use his laws to incorporate cheap labor. He will find the right minority to agree to be his slave. Since the niggers couldn’t replace the productivity of the white man, the Kike used his legislation to flood the market place with muds and cruds. All this is to insure the white man does not interfere with the Kike’s plan of controlling the world.

The Jews are about treason. (38)No matter what Nation or Empire the Jew has come in contact with, he has eventually destroyed it.. Whether the Jew gets to stay in a society or is driven from it, he has left his mark by corrupting it with his race mixing mongrelization. The Kike will start wars by instigating both sides. He may even do something to his ally that he has clinged to and then blame it on his enemy by using propaganda .The Jew is a very cunning, deceitful and heartless being. He will do anything to get what he wants.

The Jews are masters of deceit. (39)Just look at the U.$. ZOG.Do you think they care about “We the People”. In the Jews cunning ways they will sell you shit for gold if you don’t watch it. They are always meddling in other people’s affairs such as trying to bring more muds and spooks into your community and work place. They use their propaganda to trick you into giving up your loved ones. Kikes denounce or demonize anyone who questions the Jew. His main goal is to eliminate gentiles. He’s been accomplishing this for ages.

The Jews go on and on about how they are being attacked and vilified. When it has been them for centuries and centuries who turned on those who have foolishly welcomed them into their communities.(40) The kike has run these foolish communities into the ground by seeking to strip every resource he possibly could to gain him control by his newfound wealth. The kike does not care about giving to communties, the kike only cares what he can get out of it. The religious kike lives in seclusion ,hides in Sinagogues and only comes out to promote his holohoax. The Hollywood kikes try to push their lie on people by blending in with society and hiding by changing their names and marrying white traitors. These kikes only heard when they want to boast what disgusting and filthy people they and there’s nothing anyone can do about it and everyone must accept their stench of Kikery. The Kike will bastardize all that is right with the world and support what is already wrong with the world.

The kike and his lackeys are more and more everyday making it a crime to be white.(41) For everything the kike has done to suppress the filth of the world ,who can’t take of themselves in the first place, he has blamed the white man and has tricked the masses with this atrocity. The kike has cheated the white race with anti-white legislation that has created every tax possible and frivolous lawsuit ,for that matter, to strip the white race of it’s belongings, wages and jobs. The kike has made it illegal for the white race in highly ZOG-run countries to have a voice in how those countries are run. The white race is being silenced because it is the kike’s no. 1 threat and the no. 1 supplier to the kike’s future existence through mongrelization.

The kike brings on all his problems himself and tries to blame others for his atrocities.(42) The kikes’ bigotry is the cause for most of his problems. He brings it on himself. The kike corrupts civilization after civilization and expects everything in return. The kike claims his righteousness and grants himself immunity from his own kike laws imposed on everyone else. The kike is a tyrant and is more power mad more than any other dictatorship in history. The punishment of the kike shall never end until he is out of harm’s way.

The Kike has all the answers for the world’s social problems. (43)Too bad he’s the one who created the problems in the first place. He’s always trying to blame the white man for things he’s encouraged or done himself and then gets others to go along with him. The kike is a trouble maker, a fire starter and a war monger. When the kike starts controversy, he’s the only one to benefit from all the uprisings his lies create. Get rid of the kike and his lackeys then the world would be able to function in a more sensible manner.

The Kike uses false identity to shield itself from enemies and is free to corrupt the world as he pleases. (44)The Kike paints himself as a hero or victim. When in reality he’s just a coward and has others do his bidding for him. He has becomes a shill so people are confused to what he’s up to. This helps in the genocide of his enemies. Meanwhile the Kike is practicing his religion of incest and rape to fulfill his perverted desires. All of this is OK to the Kike since it’s none of anyone’s business especially his racial enemies.

The Kike uses the TV networks and cable channels he hi-jacked to spread his Interracial propaganda and War propaganda. (45)If you disagree with they chose to silence you by dubbing you as a racist and/or unpatriotic.

The kike will disguise himself by changing form (mongrelize himself)to be apart of a culture only to destroy it later on down the road. (46)The Jew can become multi-racial and multi-cultural all he wants. It doesn’t affect him because he only cares what’s good for his people. He uses his corruptness to control governments which then controls it’s people and businesses .He makes money out of destroying things then makes money off those who rebuild it. He is a master of propaganda ,manipulating lies into truths and goes with the flow until he gains the control he needs to profit from everyone else’s mistakes

Hate your enemies and love you own kind. Don’t fall for religious hogwash. The Jew is behind it all. He created a Messiah but that wasn’t good enough. So he then created Jesus, King of the Jews. The Kike’s religions are different from his own beliefs.The religions he creates for the world are made to destroy it so the Jew can take control and rule over it. He’s uses religion to make his enemies love each other so they can destroy themselves racially. He’s uses religion to start wars. He uses religion so people would follow a corrupt leader. Religion is a death knell to everyone but the Jew.


The Kikes main goal is to perform a mass racial genocide on the world.(47)Once there are no races left and a one-kike world ,one-kike race,the kike will eliminate any enemies he will have left.Then he’ll enslave sheeple to serve him until they are no use to him. The kike helped create Asians,Spics, Sand Niggers through race mixing.He created theNiggers by experimenting with apes and humans.His goal was to destroy the white man by creating enemies.Then he created religion to dumb down the white man so he would embrace the filth of the world.The kike has everything to gain and only the white man stands in his way.

The Jews’ quest for a Babylon AD has slowly becoming more and more out in the open.(48) It’s been there all along actually but the kike had to hide behind an alias, a false religious exclusion and the ownership of major corporations with puppet gentiles as the CEO’s. Arabs are offspring of Jew-niggers and were created so the kike could add yet another addition to slave trade. The Arabs get their terroristic ideals from the aggression of kike terrorism. The kike may paint himself as a wonderful human beings but he is just as animalistic as the filth he creates, enslaves and instigates. The kike tries to hide behind white racial features brought on by intermixing with gullible sheeple. He also converts sheeple along with niggers to do his bidding for him. The Jew-nigger is only accepted by kikes because even niggers know a nigger or Jew when they see one. The sheeple however are so caught up in the white traitor leaders that they fall for the trap. They betray their race by mongrelizing with niggers so they can have a mulatto of their own similar to the Jew-nigger but it’s only purpose is to further destroy the white race. As the mulatto seeks to continue the mongrelization just as the kike planned. The kike will always look to pervert and promote the perversion of the white race until he or the white race is destroyed. Who will win? It’s up to the loyal white racialists to prevent the spread of kikery.

Jews don’t need your help. They need your offspring and your bank account.(49) Sheeple need to be given a wake up call. Supporting Jews only hurts white people. Whites should stick to their own kind and only deal with members of their own race. The more whites are able to interact solely with whites the better off the white race is. The kike must be restricted from coming into contact with whites. That way all the other non-white filth will be segregated and finally removed from white society for good. Whites must rebuild their strength in numbers and open to creativity so their knowledge can be harnessed correctly. This way white traitors will have no choice but to denounce their treachery and become loyal whites. Then if enemies foolishly try to infiltrate the white race they will be uncompromisingly dealt with and punished severely. Whites shall not have no more dealing with slaves. They will be encouraged to take care of themselves as they realize that being intolerant of their enemies is the best solution to their problems. This way they can experience being free and white.

The kike will unleash multi-culturalism in areas where he can promote the most.(50) Then he will seek to unleash it on other areas in an attempt to crowd out white beliefs, traditions and the white outlook on life. The kike will push filth in white areas to weaken the core. As the filth spreads it eats away the better qualities of white life. As white cultural is bastardized and corrupted the purity of the white race is threatened. Once the purity is tainted so are values of the white race and white heritage is soon forgotten It is replaced with the tolerance of our enemies and financial ruin is thrust upon white communities with the support of kike corruption and greed. So show your white pride as you celebrate your heritage while encouraging other whites to get involved so dignity will be restored upon the white population. Apologizes are to be shunned as white heritage must prevail over multicultural corruption.

Kikes want the world to answer to them. (51)They concoct things just so others will fight about it.(religion,politics, etc.)They jump at every opportunity to swindle money out of people (lawsuits, taxes, etc.)The Jew will not stop until people would just turn him away. A Kike would like to see nothing more than people fighting over “who gets what” because this is what he profits from with his propaganda and other money making schemes. Why let the Jew try to tear your people down? He only makes out like the bandit he has always has been and always will be. Look before you leap and be careful not to fall for any of his traps.

The kike loves it when he can experience Babylon AD He can run around immorally as can be .He can cheat whoever he wants out anything as he pleases. He’ll use sweat shop labor to stockpile his gold that he has stolen via paper notes and slugs. So once everyone is poor and enslaved the kike will betray those who bought into his plan and steal them blind too. The kike wants to destroy every land he sets foot on. He wants the world to be rich, prosperous and safe for all kikes. (52)While the kike has turned civilizations into turd worlds he sits in his empire safe from his enemies as he has cleverly got his allies or futile enemies to protect him. The kike is destined to rule the world. The only thing standing in his way is the white race.

The Kike shall be written out of all civilizations in order to preserve the best interests of the white man. The Jew must learn to live without the aid of the white man. The white man shall be able to preserve his survival without Jew interference. The Kike must be conquered!

Just imagine what life would be like without someone or something trying to gain control of your mind every step of the way. You’d be at peace with your own kind. Your enemies would be somewhere else destroying one another instead of trying to invade your life. Crimes and corruption would decrease drastically. There would be no more anti-white legislation. Poverty would be non-existent. The threat from inside your borders would decline and seize to exist. There would be no more wars that are not in the white man’s best interest. Paper money counterfeited by the Kike would be worthless and every penny would be accounted for instead of money being spent that the government doesn’t have. Elections would be outlawed since they are open for corruption. In all with all the filth cleaned up ,you’ll be able to experience a whiter brighter day! So,keep the Jew out of your life and you will become a better person.


If Ancient Egypt was filled with such great Niggers, why aren’t any making an effort to move back there. Maybe because Jews are full of it and that mudder Sadat got shot. The Nigger was never great in Egypt . (53)The nigger has plagued the civilization of the white man since the times of Ancient Egypt. Despite what Kike propaganda says ,the great Pharaohs were white. The Jew and spook were his slaves. After years of integration however, the Kike infected the white and turned him into a mongrel. Therefore, he was dumbed down in a major way and was no longer a pure white. The niggers that ran Ancient Egypt towards the end couldn’t be anything near great. Instead they lost devastating battles with enemies and eventually killed off the great empire with niggerry. So Egypt is now a turd world full of sand niggers.

To make sure whites are forever plagued with niggers the kike introduced Christianity a 1,000 years after Egypt. (54)So the niggers and even the muds and cruds for that matter, are and always will be acting like animals. The white race insanely forgives and protects them all because the kike wrote a book of fairy tales for them to sheepishly follow. When will common sense come into play and when will people realize that religions concocted by the kike are a sham? When the white race starts to question the kike and stop worshipping their political and religious kike stooges in ZOG countries. The tortured must stand up and revolt against the kike in order for victory to be achieved.

You now have niggers speaking to the masses and regarded as experts by the Kikes.(55)You now have niggers potrayed as the characters of white stories for kids.You now have anti-white policies to condemn those who don’t abide by political correctness.With the political correctness you have history being rewritten. Low life mud and nigger trash are being decriminalized and whites are being criminalized for having white beliefs. Mongrelization and homosexuality are encouraged and ZOG funded.People are endangered to support the survival of bugs,animals and trees.While the ZOG does nothing to stop disease and lets forest preserves burn to the ground.Everyone is driven out of the cities by the arrival of ZOG supported turd world filth.The suburbs are invaded by more ZOG funded turd world filth to encourage mongrelization and destruction of the suburbs.Those who live near the forest are encouraged to move to the suburbs or cities as the is either taken over by the ZOG or destroyed by ZOG arson. To encourage more mongrelization the ZOG provokes foreign countries to go to war against. Then the ZOG gathers up all the refugees through the love for Christianity and floods the land once again with turd world filth. The ZOG once went around the world starting Communism.Now they do the same except they rename it and put former Commies in power.

Niggers and muds. want White women like a cat wants a mouse. To play with and/or to kill. Either way they are their prizes. Niggers and muds are a Jew tool. If they can’t get these beasts to mix with white women they will influence them to rape and/or kill them for game or their prize. Integration is where the Kike makes more progress for his people.(56) He succeeds when he mongrelizes ,depleting the white race as he goes along.

The niggers can go back to carrying baskets on their headsin Africa.The muds can back and run their own countries into the ground. Entertainment will be based on education rather than ignorance and demoralization. All the things that the kike poisioned white civilizations with will be banned and all the things the kike bastardized will be returned to normal. White people will be able to celebrate without the distracting influences of the enemy near by.White pride will be the norm and eugenics will return as a common practice.


When did the monkey become a spook? How did the Nigger all of a sudden become so smart and equal to white man? He didn’t .The Kike and his white traitor buddies want to destroy civilization for their own personal gain. (57)The nigger never earned anything in it’s life because the nigger is lazy and incapable of learning after a certain age. What good would it do the Kike if white people had a say so on who they wanted around them. It was in their best interest to con the white man into integrating with the Nigger. That only dumbs down society and creates mongrels so the Kike could rule over them all. The nigger is instinctively an animal .He only has certain survival traits until he is shipped out or hunted down. A nigger is not the white man’s equal and shouldn’t be treated that way!

A Mongrel

The mongrel of course is a plague inflicted on white people by the Jew. Those white people who are infected first hand are the ones who welcome the suicide. The kike’s promotion of mongrelizing the white world is bestiality. Bestiality is a disease that will eventually destroy all walks of life. (58)The white race must be the one to prevent this from happening since the white race is the main one infected by the poisonous disease. If the white race dies out then there will be no one around to let nature takes it’s course as the Jew will allow the mongrelization of the world as everything will be like mules who are incapable of reproducing. The white race owes it to nature to purify the world by purifying their own people. Muds, cruds, niggers and Jews must be the ones to die out not whites. If they all become one race then the white race will only have one human enemy. Anti-white policies must be abolished and anti-mongrelization policies or eugenics must be enforced. The muds, cruds and niggers must not be apart of white society nor shall the white race continue to support the helpless filth. The kike must be excluded from all societies so history won’t repeat itself over and over again. Hell on earth will only exist in non-white societies when the white race decides to preserve and protect itself from invading predators.


For all those who go along with the Kike plan will only hurt themselves and be guilty of being white.

When was the last time you heard a politician say anything that made any sense and was beneficial to a white person. These so called leaders deserve no respect since they are either too ignorant, naive or just plain traitors. The rest of the fools you see are the ones who mimic the latest kike nigger trend and always talk about what they seen on TV the night before. These people need to de-programmed and awakened. They need to be forced to use common sense. They need to be aware of hailing the Kike and kissing the Nigger’s ass will only lead to their racial demise. All the filth must be flushed from their system and replaced with a whiter brighter outlook on life. If not fools will always be fools and are cancer to the white race.

For the traitor himself it will be much too late since he’s sacrificed everything that had any racial value so the world would be a safer place for Kikes. For other whites it would be a lesson in racial pride to correct anything the traitor has destroyed .The traitor has done this by letting kikes decide their fate for them. It is mindless to let an enemy dictate and control a white person should live. Only whites should decide what’s best for themselves not what’s best for the turd world trash. White people owe them nothing. White traitors deserve what they get when they sleep with the treacherous enemy. If whites go around the world and try to civilize animals but the animals turn on them, well too bad .They should’ve known better. Unfortunately these people have been brainwashed by kike teachings passed down from generation to generation. The kike has them believe that the enemy is from within and everyone should be treated equally no matter how much they hate whites. The white traitor adopts kike philosophy that everyone should show pity for their worthless self and that anyone who dares to question them shall be punished. No white traitor or kike or other filth deserves support from the white race. They are slime and there must be no tolerance for them.

White traitors go along with the kike and do the Kike’s dirty work.Jewry has turned sensible whites into sheeple and has advanced the nigger race to nothing but making civilizations into ape habitats.(59)Jewry is a epidemic to all.Jewry is the worst thing that can happen to something that is pure and full of life.Jewry must take responsibility or shall be still considered a danger to the white man’s existence.Best thing to do is to refrain from Jewry.

Send the Jews , their spooks and muds to a land that they deserve. That’s pretty much the place they originally came from. The place they destroyed with their turd world filthiness. The Kike however deserves much worse than the spooks and muds with all his atrocities. The North or South pole would be good places for the kike. Let’s see how long a kike would last cut off from the rest of the world. Let’s see how he does against the wild animals and if the Eskimos will accept his kikery. That would be a great National Geographic special, “How the kike lost his way and became the hunted”. To keep the muds out of America, we must overthrow Mexico and south America if we have to. Once we do that, we throw all the muds into slave labor camps and see how hard they really work then. No mud shall be granted freedom ever again. The spooks will be sent back to their Jungles in Africa so they can put their animal instincts to good use. Better that, than have the Kike use the spook for the destruction of western civilization. The Arabs and Asians are to be sent to China whether they came there or not. Let the Chinks use them as slave labor instead of America or if they want they can dispose of them like they do their own people. The Indians will be driven into Mexico instead of them living off Kike corruption. Make United States of America the place it was intended to be- a white bright land!

Examples and references

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jews muds niggers

Jewish Immigration Policy

Over 50% of the population stretching from the upper Midwest to upper East coast have German blood but from 1880 to 1952 (with an attempt to stop the subversion in 1925 which went into full effect by 1965 ) the Immigration (((policies))) have been Antiwhite while the rest of the (((laws))) have been subverted in Noahide fashion However,the white middle class is filled with good little servants .

CHRISTINSANITY, is it good for the white race?

Niggers and Jews overwhelmingly have no virtue. Jews are calculated to destroy their hosts worldwide and niggers only look for gibs from their (((masters))) .  You’d have to be a fool to see that either one of these groups can change their behavior.. Even the intellectual Christians have a way of gauging behavior through temperament but modern day Christian fools are too busy trying to serve their (((masters))) in order to get to a place created out of Jewish fairytales. Jews have no intention to be like their slaves and niggers have no idea how to survive without acting like a primate.




The goal of this stage is to define the context, the initial parameters of the project so to speak. In permaculture context is everything and the most common answer you’ll get to your permaculture related question is “it depends.”


It depends because you need to know what are you trying to achieve and what are you ready and capable to invest from your resources.


So you start by making an inventory of resources, how much money you have for the project implementation and maintenance, how much time you can spend on it, how much labor can you put in…This is your resource base for the project.


After you defined that you move to the goal setting, and here you try to answer three questions:


WHY you want what we want – what is the deeper motivation behind it, what is the quality life you’re after…


HOW do you want the project to look like when implemented – this is the vision for the project, from which we can derive our goals, which are next…


WHAT are the tangible goals we need to do to make that vision a reality


The end result of this phase should be a written statement or at least a verbal formulation of what are the resources and the goals for the project. With that, we move to the next phase…


2. Analysis


Our goal here is to understand the specifics of our land’s location and its natural characteristics, the land’s context so to speak…


This stage is essential because you want to discover what are the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and constraints of the site so that you can start planning the right way and look for solutions that apply to your site.


You first look at the big picture, the broader regional context of the site, and look through three lenses: climate, landscape, and culture. These are the big external influences due to your location in a specific part of the world.


In the climate, we look for information about climate zone, precipitation and temperature patterns, plant hardiness zone. In landscape general geographic features, geology, biome and in culture, the community, economy, regulatory aspect.


This then gives us a general sense of what to expect but to get the full understanding you need to zoom in to details and specifics. You do that by doing direct observations on the site looking at the terrain (aspect, slope), water, microclimate, soil, vegetation, and wildlife analyzing each of these components individually.


The end result of this phase should be a series of maps or at least a mental understanding of our how nature operates on your site. Only with this understanding, you’ll be able to do a good job in our next phase, the design.


3. Design


The goal of the design phase is to come up with a plan, a layout, a design so that we know how your vision looks like in real life. Where you’re going to put project elements, where you’re going to grow stuff, how everything will function and interact together.


When designing, you focus on three components:


Water – harvesting, storing and distributing

Infrastructure – access, structures, fencing, energy

Living systems – gardens, orchard, food forests, pastures…

In the designing process, you take into consideration your context (vision, goals, resources), your findings about the site (land’s context) and by using the permaculture principles and design methods come up with a plan for the water, infrastructure, living systems.


This plan doesn’t have to be detailed, gorgeous looking, meticulously crafted, it can be on a conceptual level with the general form and layout, outlining broadly what you want to achieve.


What’s important is that you get the design patterns right; for example patterns of harvesting, storing and distributing water, patterns of placing access points on contours or ridges, patterns of responding to site’ challenges and opportunities identified in the analysis phase.


And once you’ve come up with a design, we move to the next phase…


4. Implementation


The goal of the implementation phase is to put our plan or design into action so that we turn our vision into reality.


How you’ll do this, depends on your priorities and resources, i.e., your context. The best thing in this phase is to create a plan of implementation, a strategy for what you’ll do in year 1, year 2, year 3…(or month by month)


There are no set rules on how you should do things in this phase, but there are best practices and order of implementation that makes sense based on how permanent are the elements you’re setting up.


You always start with water, then access, then structures – this is the mainframe, and then you do the soil improvement, planting, fencing, introducing the animals.


Depending on the size of the project and your capabilities the implementation phase can last, sometimes it might take years for your full plan to come to fruition, but as you start implementing, you move to the next phase…


5. Maintenance/monitoring


The goal of this phase is to manage what we’ve implemented, to maintain it, and to monitor its impacts and effects. There is no point in implementing something and then neglecting it, what was the point of implementing it in the first place?


In this phase, we get feedback from the system, observe and learn what we did right and wrong so that we can improve, redesign, reimplement, and readjust our goals. In reality, the 5 step process is not linear, and it doesn’t finish when you come to phase 5, it’s more of a circle where each stage feed into each