Is Creativity a political tool or a religious tool? Whites can not raise a healthy family in a big city or a city less than 90% white because those cities are on the decline. Returning to the farming community will create self employment for whites. Do you want to eat food that has been kosherized with a blessing from the (((USDA))) and (((FDA))) or do you want to grow your own food in a permaculture environment? There is no place for the White Man in a multicultural society. The well has been poisoned in those areas. A white man has to go somewhere for a fresh start. When was the last time whites had power in North America? 1890? 1925? The white race has to go off grid and create its own power structure. Then of course you know who will come knocking but the white man must be prepared.

“We believe that you cannot have
a healthy mind or a healthy body, or a healthy race or a healthy society if any vital part of the whole structure is ailing”