White Community

Preserve the White Race through  Community Building 1000 people at a Time. 

  The early goals of building a whiter and brighter community is to make sure the inhabitants are racially aware, have a healthy mind that looks towards surrounding themselves with others that will contribute to the community rather than allowing vices to consume them which leads to looking for help from those who want to take advantage of your situation.

    In order to do this, an economic system has to be put in place using the Jar System and Sled Economic Model to create a white community with positive results. A racially aware white community must not repeat mistakes of the past such as keeping up with the Jones’  To best accomplish this, a faction of the Creativity religion shall be the preferred white religion. However a white community should not focus on a membership fee system that allows itself open to subversion.  Christianity may work in Orania but allows the community there to let it’s guard down to invaders. But just a few problems lay in the way that need to be resolved first

Build a White Community


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