I Love White People


I love white people!

2 months ago


White people can only benefit their race by staying pure. The more a white person can help out its own kind the better off it will be in the present and future. White Empires will prosper better without the parasites and leeches. It will become healthier, smarter and stronger. Without outside influence it will be able to become productive. There would be no need for death knells such as religion and entertainment. White education is better than any religion or entertainment . White Independence is a more intelligent goal than compromising with the enemies (parasites and leeches).Destroying the parasites and leeches would best achieve all the goals of the Aryan race.

White PurityWhite people duped by Jewry(1) are only hurting their own kind. White people have nothing to gain by going along with the suicidal teaching(2) of the Kike and his lackeys. White people must be awakened to save their race from further contamination. Whites must drive the kike back to the gutters of to whence it came. Then once the kike is there in his gutter it is important and crucial to the white race’s victory that he remains there. The kike’s problems he forced on the white race must be sent or driven back to their homelands. Kike wealth shall cease to exist as long as the world rejects his counterfeit paper money and slugs(3). The kike shall be the one to pay the world reparations. He must do this by giving back all the gold and silver along other valuables he stole or cheated the white race out of. If the kike refuses then the plague must be dealt with morally.
Survival of the White RaceWhite people should not compromise with the Kike for he is too arrogant and doesn’t care how many have to suffer for his cause. The arrogant bastards need to be shown the door. They need to be stripped out of everything they stole and swindled out of people all over the world. The Kike needs to be put in his place, Where there’s a tragedy, there’s a Kike trying to capitalize from it. The teaching of ignorance by the Kike must be reversed and the sheeple must be deprogrammed. They need to be told the truth. The facts must be presented to them once and for all.White people should not rest until they are free of Jewry. Be proud, be bright and stand up for being white. White Pride until the end.
Hitler was Right!See that all whites are treated right since we are the master race(4). The white man shall be able to live his life free of mongrelization and the kike. No white should have to be forced to mingle with turd world trash and nigger beasts. The turd world and nigger beasts only hurt the white race by dumbing it down(5) in attempt to make it impure. Whites are more intellectual(6) than any filthy animal the kike tries to push on us. We shall resist the filth and demand to be left alone in peace and happiness. The Kike should take his suicidal cause elsewhere. He is doing no white man a favor by destroying the white race. Whites need to wake up and ostracize the Kike for ever .
[Origin of the white race..] Why are white people so diverse. Secrets of White Race DiversityARYANSAryans must not contribute to their deaths by allowing kikes to get away with atrocities. The kike has always deserved his punishment throughout history(7). His corruption is his crime against the white race. The whites are the real victims because they have been corrupted by the kike presence. The Jew should be prosecuted for his false claims of persecution.(8)

White Aryan RaceNobody of the Aryan race should show pity for the Jews and their false claims of persecution. Nobody Aryan should feel shame for being White. Don’t be a victim of Jew propaganda. Whites may have become extinct if it wasn’t for Hitler(9). Enemies of the white race have always had something to do with kikes(since the mud races have been enslaved by kikes)(10). Kikes should never be given a free ride. The kike is poison to the white race. If it wasn’t for the Jew influence(11) on whites the world would be a safer place to live in no matter where the white civilization is at. But as history has it, the kike has sold the whites on slave trading(12) which only leads to the destruction of mankind. It will continue to happen as long as people are misguided with false history in favor of the Kike.

The Nordic Aryan Race

As time goes on, the purest of whites will become the main target for kike rule.However,all it takes for the Kike to be conquered is for white people to wake up. The kike already has foes in the Islamic world or all Arabs in general. White people used to think rationally but now they see what the kike has to say before they do anything in life. White people would rather fight amongst themselves to preserve Kikery rather than unite and preserve the existence of their own race. If all the white people in the world united the kike would be begging for forgiveness while regretting what his people have done to the world. Once the kike is exposed for the fraud he is there will be no more compromising with this fiend. The white world will rid themselves of his presence for good. Remember once the kike is out our lives ,we won’t have to put up with niggers and the muds ever again. We will be able to ship them out and turn the infiltraters back to where they came from or be shipped out themselves. So, white people , be true to your race,be proud of your whiteness,unite then defy and exile the Kike!

The Aryans Higher Mission on The Earth, Like The Aryans Gods of OldIf a white person has any concern at all about the survival of his people than they should not allow any non-white cultures or politics get in the way of their everyday life. White people shouldn’t be guilt driven into shams such as political correctness. They shouldn’t be afraid to exercise their right to free speech to expose the Jew’s pervsions.Segregation is the natural way of life.Races were not meant to conjugate with each other.Only the Jew has concocted the myth of integration (13)just so they would help destroy each other.White people should stay white.Therefore, we shouldn’t desire to be dumbed down.It would be in our best interest to be bright for our own survival.It’s ancestorial suicide to compromise with the Jews.

Value of the Nordic RaceLEGIONSLegions worldwide must be created to fight off the Jew. White people need to band together to save their race. The propagandist Jew only wants you to support his Isn’treal. He wants you to fight his Arab enemies for him. Anybody who doesn’t will be branded a racist and will be charged with a hate crime. The Jew should be held responsible for the enemies of America since his twisted policies and beliefs have made Americans the most hated people of the world next to the Jew. This coward has had Americans fight his battles for him in the past 80+ years. Does the Jew suffer? Not hardly. Why because he sitting back and watching everyone kill each other for his cause. Then there’s the whole Holohoax thing where he claims 6 million Jews were killed. If six million Jews were really killed then the world wouldn’t have the problems it faces today. This tyrant has killed more (white) people himself with slavery concentration camps in Russia(14). If you continue to hail the Jew and kiss the nigger’s ass, then you will be reduced to nothing more than a slave of the Kike. So if you march with the Kike, you’ll die like a Kike. (Except the Kike will undoubtedly betray you as you die and he’ll live like a parasite off another race).

Nordic Race TributeLive your dream, be white and free. To be white and free you must shut out the kike, his lackeys and the filth that goes along with them. Stay away from Kike festivities. Buy only what you need and not what the kike wants you to buy. Don’t purchase kosher foods. Don’t participate in kike banana republic elections. Turn the electric Jew off plus stay out of kike movie houses and other entertainment centers. Join white only clubs as an alternative and/or spend more time with your family. Home teach your children .Keep them away from kike institutions. Resist kike loving churches and their activities.
Force filth out of your community including kike supporting politicians. Show your dissatisfaction towards businesses who promote diversity by telling them you won’t be doing business with them unless they start showing positive support of your people. Promote whiteness in your community. Become a whistle blower on kike crimes. Your family will be much happier and safer with a white outlook on life.Look towards the future, prepare a life without a Jew.Make the world a better place.Keep the Jew out of your family and life.
Finland – The last blonde people in the world – Nordic BeautyMany white civilizations have expelled the kike for his atrocities(15). Nowadays however, the Jew has leeched on to the most powerful governments ,no thanks to the gullible English and insane American politics. The kike is loading up against the white race with the turd world filth invasion(16). America has become less and less free for the white man and a lot less safer too due to the trash to accompany the niggers in destroying America and the white race along with it.The kike is killing the white man off financially by promoting diversity in the work place and sending whites to the unemployment line. So, the Kike moves in all the filth and threatens businesses to hire these unqualified garbage. At the same time these businesses look at it short-sighted because they save money with the cheap labor filth. Little do these sell-outs know that the kike has plans to run their business into the ground with labor demands down the road. Once the Kike has weakened them he seeks to buy them out or at least gain control of their business so he can further his slave labor movement. Whites need to stick to white owned businesses and only deal with whites instead of giving in to the Kike. The more and more white people avoid dealing with the Kike the more drastic he becomes. He’ll stoop to any level and be exposed more and more for the bandit he is. Stay true to your race and the kike will be forced to leave since he has no firepower usually provided by gullible whites.
Nordic RaceMORALSMorals must be pursued if the kike decides to reject the white mans demands or ultimatum.

More mongrelization, more anti-white and white slavery policies are sure to happen just as long as white people continue to selfishly ignore what’s going on around them. White communities with white businesses must be formed .Whites must crowd out their enemies and drive them to the point of no return. White people need not to have to accept degenerate filth running the white world into the ground. White people must be able to prosper freely and without interference from the kike and the filth that clings to the kike. So to correct what has happened to your fellow whites you must make sure it never happens again by making the world a whiter brighter place to live.

If tactics to save the white race against kike kangaroo court are nullified then the morals of the great white race will take over and the expulsion of the kike will be reenacted.

Norway Norwegian WomenRACIAL LOYALTYIt’s amazing how loyal whites are always being attacked by other whites for their racial loyalty. These attackers have been brainwashed for generations and finally duped into mongrelization. There has been some loyal or at least moral resistance but the ZOG has always stepped in to force whites to kiss nigger ass or face jail or even death. They used this intimidation on whites and took it a step further by hi-jacking the TV networks and the radio air waves(17). So they then spread their anti-white propaganda and enslave the masses.

Nationalism and Racial LoyaltyThe brave people of the white race are the true heroes no matter how much the kike tries to discredit our great leaders. There is no reason why whites shouldn’t stand up for themselves. Whites must serve and protect the white race. Honorable whites are those who do things to benefit the white race. Whites must not be caught up in the political games of kikes to benefit everyone but whites. Whites must unite in numbers to break the tyranny stronghold of the kike .The kike must be defeated. His political systems must be defunct. His business practices must be regarded as atrocities against the white race.The kike must be held accountable for his atrocities (18)once and for all.
Nature’s Eternal ReligionThe white man can help his race by first exposing the Kike lies. Then the war will become easier to win. A white person should run with their own kind. Kikes should be ousted from their public offices and forced to sell their share of businesses they control. Anyone who does dealings with the Jew should be tried and hanged as a traitor. All Kike and white traitorous’ banks and their accounts should forfeited due to their involvement with the corruption of white people. All the gold shall be rewarded to white people for their struggle to achieve a better life. All paper money(A.K.A. counterfeit currency) must be destroyed and have no worldly value. ZOGS must be shut down and white people shall declare independence from the filth of the world. All filth including the Kike will not be allowed on white land. Therefore trespassers should be shot if they refuse to leave. Once white people are completely free of the Kike and his lackeys, let him destroy ones’ own self by fighting his own wars without the aid of white traitors.
Race and ReasonThe white man’s goals should be the opposite of the kikes.Which would be a whiter and brighter world.All white people looking out for their white brothers and sisiters,disallowing kike influence and corruption,practicing eugenics,keeping niggers and other kike influenced filth of the world out of harm’s way by sending them back to their jungles where they came from.White people need to have the freedom to create and the power to fend off any mind sucking parasites.White people need to free themselves of kike suicidal religions because race is the only true religion of white people.The white race should be responsible both racially and finacially.In order for this to happen they’re shall be no multi-culturslistic or compulsive diseases constructed by temptation supplied by the kike.
The Role of WomenThe white race must defend their own people and be represented by the own people. A white person should never put his life and trust in the hands of a kike or any of his degenerate filth of the world that the kike has created in order to destroy the white race. Whites must not react to kike inspired emotion. They should think rationally like whites not like slavish animals of the kike. White people must unite once and for all. They should quit buying into the kike’s version of civilization . The kike’s version of civilization is of sheeple who are forever in debt to the kike and must help the enemies of the white race become stronger . Whites must withdraw from all kike activities and form a unity of their own people. A white person’s allegiance is not to a religion, government or country unless of course it for whites by whites. A white person must do what’s best for his race and nothing else. Common sense must take over political correct Kikeness.
For the Love of the White Race(1)https://archive.org/stream/WhiteMansBibleByBenKlassen/white-mans-bible-ben-klassen#page/n195/mode/2up/search/+credo+38
(8) http://web.archive.org/web/20030317125423/http://www.creator.org/jews/jew-atrocities-folder.html
(12) http://web.archive.org/web/20030406204949/http://www.creator.org/jews/jew-references-gentile-whatotherssay.htm What world famous men said about the Jews(Gregory the Great)
(16) http://web.archive.org/web/20010210191158/http://www.creator.org/factsprint.html
http://web.archive.org/web/20030406024612/http://www.creator.org:80/jews/jew-occupiedgovernments-uk-media.htmlhttp://web.archive.org/web/20010210191158/http://www.creator.org/factsprint.html (The facts of Jewish media control)

White Community Building to Stop White Genocide


Defund Israel


Defund Israel to end White Slavery

The creation of White Communities starts with the paradigm shift that Israel can be defunded

A Call to Action

10,000,000 members of the white race are needed in order to Defund Israel and send ALL Jews  to Madagascar (Madagascar Plan) This will require a formation of a Bund to make all antiwhite pro-jewish laws obsolete. Once that happens all of Jewry will be expelled from White Lands.Once this happens Ethnostates will be allowed to prosper.

Donate and Receive  MADGAS GUTSCHEIN  featuring


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Only $9 trillion to go before #defundisrael is real as #whitegenocide

#stopwhitegenocide #jewishsuppression

Support #madagascar plan









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Only $9 trillion to go before #defundisrael is real as #whitegenocide

#stopwhitegenocide #jewishsuppression

Support #madagascar plan










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Only $9 trillion to go before #defundisrael is real as #whitegenocide

#stopwhitegenocide #jewishsuppression

Support #madagascar plan









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Only $9 trillion to go before #defundisrael is real as #whitegenocide

#stopwhitegenocide #jewishsuppression

Support #madagascar plan







In participating in this cause,you won’t have to worry too much about boycotting Jews or Israel.

Your actions will speak for themselves once the movement has begun.

Here is what you can do to get der Jude off your back.

1.25 btc worth of MADGAS GUTSCHEIN  can be purchased for a total 0.02750 of  BTC.  Once that total amount is distributed out, you will be able to exchange your HH88  for .09 BTC. After 1.0775btc  worth or 12 HH88 are exchanged then another 1.25btc worth of MADGAS GUTSCHEIN  will be available. Then you can also exchange any combination of OA RH QI in the range of 95 MADGAS GUTSCHEIN  and 100 MRM. It’s a choice BTC to do whatever or Defund Israel and transferring that fund into the Madagscar plan.

Decentralizing the White Race


Larger Paper wallets will also be available at a later date to keep your BTC stored on which you can also exchange for MGG or trade amongst yourselves. The wallets will cost 0.065btc  but will be valued at almost 2.5 times that (over 0.160btc) 

Only $9 trillion to go before #defundisrael is real as #whitegenocide

#stopwhitegenocide #jewishsuppression

Support #madagascar plan

The process will continue until (((ALL))) are sent to Madagascar and Israel is defunded by not having your hard earned money fund their lavish lifestyle while you slave for them.


Jar System related to Sled Economic Model



Community Building

To support this website you must  get started in supporting your own white community .Clickon the button above for some ideas  on building a decentralized white community. If you would like to offer any positive direction you can send a encrypted message through bitcoin by visiting the White Community Land Voucher  page.

Defund Israel/Madagascar Plan(55%):

After successful withdrawal from the Jew World Order Society. A swift plan must be sure and precise of expelling Jewry from WhiteCommunities. Eliminating doubt and self indulgence that allows any weakness to be exploited by the JWO. 55% of your income must go to this plan in order to escalate any chance in the freedom of any white community succeeding which will include in security detailof the MP and WC. The 45% leftover will be then broken down into 4 categories

HH88 Necessities  A little over half of your income goes toward real necessities (N) like food, ethics, shelter, energy, water, climate, soil,etc. If you can’t cover all your necessities with 55% of your income, you need to do one (or both) of these things:
1. Simplify your life – Take part in a Jew Free White Community
2. Raise a White Family in  a Jew Free Environment

OA50 JEWFREE Freedom Account (10%)/White Education (10%): 
10% of your income goes into your JewFree Freedom (JFF) jar. The money in this jar can only be used for family building (eugenics, little white book,etc. This jar is used for building a white brighter future for your family. You must neverspend this money.   Successful white people constantly invest in and grow themselves. Hence, 10% of your income goes into the White Education (WE) jar. The more knowledge and skills you acquire, the greater your family building capacity. And the more children you have in a jew free society , the more you need to learn (how to create a healthy and productive life for future white generations to come, how to bring the advancement of the white race to the next level etc.). Use the money from this jar for personal or professional development (e.g. books, courses, public or private speakings).

QI20 Long Term Savings (10%): 
10% of your income goes into the jar called Long Term Savings (LTS) for Spending. The objective of of this jar is to save money for future expenses (e.g. a newborn , child raising, living expenses or shelter for your children

RH25 Joy (10%)/Give (5%):
10% of your income goes into the Joy (J) jar. It’s important to occasionally indulge yourself with a relaxing night out with your loved one. To avoid over-spending or under-spending, make sure you use up the money from this jar at least every few months. This allows you to spend without whiteguilt, and to also gradually improve your standard of living as your income increases.

5% of your income goes into the Give (G) jar. However poor your circumstances may be, there will always be someone who is in an even more dire state. Besides the feel-good factor of helping other whites, giving away part of your income also helps you to sub-consciously develop a healthy white mentality that you have more than enough to give away.

JewFree Freedom/White Education Jar:
Finally, create a JewFree Freedom/White Education Wallet Jar and deposit something into it daily, however small. The idea is to keep JewFree management top-of-mind, and a daily commitment made towards your Jewfree freedom.

Adjust the percentages as you see fit but always remember the responsiblity to you white race. RAHOWA